Saïss Airport:

Fez is served by an international airport (Fes-Saiss Airport), located about 10 km from the city.

There is a airport bus that meets most arrivals and costs 20 dirhams(MAD) to the centre of the ‘New Town’, there is also a local bus (No. 16) and plenty of taxis.   Rental cars are also available in the arrivals terminal at baggage claim.   It is only about a 20-minute drive to the city, and the taxicab service is generally very good.  Be sure to inquire about the fare ahead of time. The taxi costs around 100 MAD (10 Euro). The Taxi is prabably the best option if you are new to Fes.

Mohammed V International Airport:

You should first take the train from the airport to Casa Voyageur. The trip takes about 30 minutes and costs 40 MAD (around 4€). Then, take another train from Casa Voyageur to Fes. The second trip is about 3.5 hours and costs 120 MAD(12€). Train schedules are available at

Rabat-Salé Airport:

Rabat-Salé Airport is 7 km northeast of Rabat and the only connection with the city is via Grands Taxi. You should go to Rabat Ville train station located in the centre of the new city. There are frequent trains to Fez from Rabat Ville train station. It takes around two hours, and costs 80 MAD(8€). Train schedules are available at

Fes Train Station to the Venue (Palais Medina & Spa):

The distance between train station and conference venue is approximately one mile. You can take a cab for 10 to 20 MAD from train station to conference venue. Below are the directions to the conference venue.